Caring for dahlias on the balcony and in the garden – you should know about these beautiful flowers

Dahlias are these beautiful flowers that we see all around us in summer. They are great highlights on the balcony or terrace, where you can plant them in a pot or tub. But in the garden bed they really unfold their natural beauty.

They impress us with their diverse flower shapes and numerous shades. They enrich every outdoor area and score with a long flowering period. It is a pleasure for the eyes and soul to look at these magnificent flowers every day and to admire their natural charm.

In this article we focus our attention on the dahlias on the balcony and in the garden and give you useful tips for their care. You will also learn where the dahlias come from and where they best spend the winter. Stay with us and be informed about these beautiful garden flowers!

Colorful dahlias transform any garden into a sea of flowers!

  • Where do the dahlias come from and what are their typical characteristics?

Dahlias originally come from Central America, more precisely the high plateaus of Mexico and Guatemala were formerly their natural distribution area. There they were used as useful plants because their starchy tubers can be prepared just like potatoes.

It was only after Christopher Columbus discovered America that these garden plants came to Europe around the 18th century. The beautiful flowering plant was named after the Swedish botanist Andreas Dahl. Today the colorful dahlias can be seen on many balconies and in almost every garden.

Teach your children to discover the beauty in nature.

The beautiful flowers belong to the daisy family. They are popular Gartenblumen and typical bulbous plants and develop wonderful flowers. They bloom for a long time, from June to late autumn. In northern Germany they are also called Georgians. Today around 20,000 to 30,000 varieties are cultivated worldwide. They are all characterized by interesting flower shapes. The most popular varieties of dahlia are crosses of the two wild species Dahlia pinnata and Dahlia coccineus. Most varieties reach heights of up to 1.30 m on nutrient-rich soil. Their variety of colors is also enormous. With the dahlias you can see beautiful flowers in white, yellow, orange, cream, red and pink. Multi-colored and nicely filled varieties are also not uncommon. Actually, only pure blue and saturated violet are not to be found as the flower colors of the dahlias.

The dahlias score with their wonderful flower shapes and varied colors.

  • General care tips for garden dahlias

Since Georgians are primarily seen as garden flowers, we want to start with useful care tips for the so-called garden dahlias. With proper care, these flowers thank you with colorful blossoms that often attract everyone’s attention. In order for you to enjoy its blossoms in your own garden, you should follow the following care tips:

  • Location and soil:Georgines like it warm and sunny. For this reason, you need to choose a place in the garden for them where there is full sun during the day. The dahlias can also grow well in partial shade, but would not develop such beautiful flowers. The soil should be rich in humus and nutrients. Ideally, it is not loamy or dry, but is slightly acidic. A pH of around 6.5 is highly recommended. If you have loamy soil in the garden, you can improve it with a little sand, because the Georgians don’t like waterlogging. Therefore water moderately.

Dahlias on the balcony or in the garden have to be watered moderately.

They like it sunny and warm, but cannot tolerate waterlogging.
  • Plants:The tubers must be planted flat from the end of April and only covered with a little soil. Enrich the soil with compost, especially in the root area.

The tuber can also be planted in a pot and then wait until cuttings come out.

Cut and propagate:Wilted flowers should be cut off. The garden dahlias then quickly bring new flower shoots. Before the first frost, the entire plant is cut about 15 cm above the ground. There are basically two methods of propagation. The first concerns the division of the tubers. But you can also multiply the dahlias by cuttings. For example, take approx. 10 cm long shoots from the bulbs in spring and plant them.

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