Fun and Easy DIY costumes your kids will love

Instead of spending a small fortune buying kids a costume this year, why not make the costume yourself?


This sweet Pinocchio costume is ideal for young children. In red shorts, a yellow shirt, and white and blue felt to make the collar and tie, your little one can look like the legendary wooden boy. Add some rosy cheeks and a little cut hat and you’re all set.


This awesome chicken costume is made from white trash bags and yellow cleaning gloves. Really, what better way to use those kitchen items than to make your little one the most adorable chicken of all time? This is cool and easy to do and you can send an egg basket for a bag of tricks or treats to pick up their candy and make the whole set truly authentic.


This tomato costume absolutely doesn’t require sewing, so if you’re not really the sewing type this is a great project. An oversized red sweatshirt, red socks or pants and felt are all you need to make your little one a great garden tomato. Just cut green felt for the top and neckline and glue it down with fabric glue.

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