Original and fun ideas to dress up with your partner!

It’s almost Carnival and, as for Halloween, all you do is look with envy at the children’s costumes that invade shops and supermarkets. How nice it would be to be able to go back in time, to throw colored confetti in the faces of strangers, to fill mom and dad with streamers, but above all to dress up as your favorite cartoon hero with the most beautiful of masks! Is it really impossible to do it as adults?

Tradition says that at Carnival you can do anything, so why not take advantage of it to return to being a little bit of a child and mask yourself too? On the occasion of this anniversary, many events are organized for young and old, without considering that you can be the one to make a masquerade party with your friends.

If you have a partner, but also a friend with whom you want to have fun, you can opt for the Carnival costumes for couples. So, just like on Halloween, even for the craziest party of the year you can share the idea of ​​an adult disguise with boyfriends or friends. The Carnival costumes for couples are fantastic for spending an evening in joy and possibly giving vent to your artistic and craftsmanship. In fact, if you have a minimum of familiarity with needle, thread and originality, you can opt – also thanks to the low price – for some DIY Carnival clothes!

From cartoons, to legendary couples of television and cinema, passing through masked superheroes and icons of the world of music to clowns: in this article we will give you some advice for your next dress and then you can also browse the Gallery with many nice photos, to find the right inspiration for the original and fun couple Carnival costumes for adults.

The cartoon characters

Animated films offer many ideas for Carnival masks and disguises, as the many cosplay shows. For example, if you and he are fond of old time cartoons, an ideal costume is the one with the characters of Popeye and Olivia. “Sailor” style clothes, in both women’s and men’s versions, the inevitable pipe for him and hair gathered in a low bun for you: here, in a few steps you will be one of the most popular couples in the comics. Staying on the same genre, a good idea is also the disguise from Fred Flinstone and Wilma, so you have to buy the already packaged dress or create the dress yourself from fabric remnants.

For lovers of Disney and the genius of their creator, Walt, Mickey and Minnie are a more than valid alternative, not only for children. On Amazon or even in many stores, the only indispensable accessories are available at little price, that is the classic ears, both for women and men, necessary to make the perfect Carnival costume. In addition, he also wears the traditional red dress with white polka dots, so it will be enough for your partner to put on a black shirt and red trousers and both of you put on your nose in black and you’re done!

If, on the other hand, you prefer characters from the DC and Marvel Universe to the Popeye-Olivia or Mickey-Minnie couple, then Joker and Harley Quinn are for you. Thanks also to the recent release of several films, with the “villains” duo of Gotham City you can indulge both with the tricks and in coloring your hair or, if you prefer, resort to wigs. Are you on the “good” side? So better Batman and Catwoman, where, however, a mask will be indispensable for both you and him. Obviously, throughout the look the prevailing color must be black and, thanks to your costume, you will surely be very sexy and sensual for this Carnival.

The characters of the films

For couples who love cinema, taking a cue from a famous two of Hollywood lovers is one of the most popular ideas. For example, with a pair of leather leggings, coordinated with a black jacket and a T-shirt, you will be the perfect Danny and Sandy by Grease. Just add a little make-up on your face, cotton your hair and comb your partner’s hair with glitter in a retro tuft: a simple costume to create and with a surprising result. Always keeping the film theme with John Travolta, but this time in the seventies, why not reproduce Saturday Night Fever? A black and white suit for men and a red suit for you: really easy and original!

Finally, for incurable romantics, an excellent idea is to reproduce as Carnival costume one of the most loved couples, namely Jack and Rose of Titanic. For your partner, you need light pants and a shirt, but above all braces. For you, however, an elegant dress, with various precious accessories. The last touch concerns your hair: you can decide whether to make a wavy hairstyle or, for an even more successful disguise, whether to opt for one of the authentic ginger head wigs, as Rose was in the film.

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