Would you like to create a modern natural garden? That is what characterizes it!

A natural garden is quasi modern in itself because it corresponds to the striving for sustainability and harmony of modern people. This could be done very differently and, depending on the variant, turn out to be more conservative or trendy. In this article, we focus on the second variant.

We are led to believe that this option is easier and also has more potential. We go into some formal aspects. In addition, we give you tips for environmentally friendly and sustainable design. Finally, we try to inspire you with some ideas to give your own creative power a lot of freedom. This is how we ensure that you will create an absolutely fascinating natural garden.

The natural garden corresponds to the attitude of many modern people

Creating a natural garden – the main principles

Whether you are creating a modern or traditional natural garden, there are a few key principles to follow.

The rules of nature apply in the natural garden

Less formality

The formal aspects that make up the style of the garden take a back seat. The interference of people in a natural garden can be guessed at rather than imposing itself. In other words, this artificially maintained landscape will be confused with a natural one. For this reason, there may be a certain contradiction in the fact that the “natural garden” is viewed as a separate style. Perhaps it is rather an attitude that opposes the “stylization” of nature. That makes the garden neutral and universal. Within this, design ideas from different styles could possibly appear.

You could create a natural garden full of mystery and surprises

Friendly attitude towards insects, birds, animals

Birds, insects and animals are a reason for many to forego the garden. There are dozens of gardening tips on how to keep them away. But do you really have to? Wouldn’t you rather enrich our lives? Shouldn’t modern, nature-conscious people even expand their habitat? If you answer these questions with “yes” from the heart, then you are predestined to design a natural garden.

It is sometimes difficult to determine where the boundary between a natural garden and the natural environment is

Understanding of the relationships in nature

If you want to create a natural garden, then the relationship between Schädlingen und Nützlingen  a main topic for you. The first can easily be driven out by the second. This brings life to the garden without having to burden your own health and nature with harmful chemicals. You can learn more about this from the recently published article on our website.

In a natural garden, nature has the highest priority

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